Diagnosis of alcoholism

There are a number of signs that may indicate an alcohol addiction. These include:

  • A strong desire or a kind of compulsion to drink alcohol.
  • Decreased ability to control when and how much is consumed.
  • Withdrawal symptoms when consumption is reduced or suspended.
  • Drinking to alleviate withdrawal symptoms.
  • Development of tolerance, that is, to achieve the desired effect, individuals must consume ever greater amounts of alcohol.
  • Narrowed behaviors: To be drunk as, without complying with the socially usual rules yet.
  • In favor of alcohol use increasingly different interests are neglected. to procure alcohol and consume requires an increased amount of time.
  • Prolonged consumption despite knowing better, so even though the harmful consequences in physical and mental area already become apparent. These include problems in family, at work and in the social environment.

The doctor makes a diagnosis based on a detailed interview and a physical examination. Here conspicuous behavior, physical and psychological symptoms of the patient are taken into account. The doctor tried to get a picture of the living situation of the person concerned and on the development of his alcohol consumption. Changes in certain blood tests can diagnose “alcohol dependence” also confirm or give the doctor an indication that there may be an increased alcohol consumption is.

Diagnosis of alcoholism. Signs indicating a dependence on alcohol.

Diagnosis of alcoholism. Signs indicating a dependence on alcohol.

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