The impact of drinking beer on the potency

According to statistics, beer is the most popular alcoholic drink in the world. Without it practically in any male company will not address issues of world importance. Beer has been known since Ancient Egyptian times, used it, and the Sumerians and the peoples of Medieval Europe. It was used not only as a pleasant drink, but also for the treatment of certain diseases – for example, for toothache. In our time, raised this question: “What is the impact of beer on the potency?” The world was divided into two camps. The camp followers of beer who speak about the positive impact on the “male force”, and the camp of opponents of the use of beer. And those and others categorical in their opinion – the first regularly consume beer, while the latter generally refused it. We will find out exactly how beer affects the potency and is a compromise possible between supporters and opponents of its use. The modern pace of life requires our full vzaimozachet upon reaching success, it does not always have enough time to maintain their health, so we suggest to buy popular tablets viagra for potentiality maintenance at prestigious level.

What components are contained in a beer?

Beer, especially dark – a source of phytoestrogens. It extracts chemical composition similar with female sexual hormones. If a man regularly consume large amounts of beer (about 1.5 liters daily), his body doing the “other” female hormones. This leads to changes at the gene level. As a result, as it was already told, daily drink of beer, the body is not only oversaturated a phytoestrogen, but also itself starts to develop them. Testosterone (male sex hormone) is inhibited by phytoestrogens, and the level of sexual inclination steadily, but gradually goes down. And this negative influence of beer only on a potentiality. Besides, the phytoestrogen leads to change the appearance of men. Very often an avid beer drinkers become owners of so-called “beer belly”, which is formed from fat deposits. By the way, fat is postponed and in mammary glands: the Breasts increase in size as the women. In some cases men may even increase the tone of the voice and expand the pelvis. Scientists made experiments over agricultural animals who were that fed the last phytoestrogen containing plants. The experiments showed that the animals became infertile. It is possible to guess only, what harm in this case is applied to the human body.

Can beer raise the potency?

However, beer and a potentiality can be quite compatible (beer and a healthy potentiality!). The main problem is that now a lot of poor-quality foamy drink. Such beer also leads to adverse consequences for the organism. If beer brewed from natural ingredients and contains no “chemicals”, and if you eat it in normal quantities, the harm will not cause. Quality beer contains hops, which is a repository of a large number of vitamins, microelements, essential oils. Used one liter of quality beer a day supplies the body with 20% rate of vitamin B2, 25% rate to pantotenovu acid and 32% of vitamin B6. Contained in the beverage the calcium and magnesium reduce the risk of stone formation in the gallbladder and kidneys. Remember that beer, even qualitative, increases appetite at the expense of the contained starch compounds. In this may lurk the danger of obesity, which can lead ultimately to the development of diabetes.

The negative impact of beer on the potency

If we talk about drinking quality beer, then drink it is recommended not more than 1 liter a day 2-3 times a week. In this case, the negative impact on the potency will not. A special danger is in addiction of teenagers to beer which several times increases chances to receive impotence at early age (19-20 years). This is due to the fact that the organism at such age is not adapted yet for alcohol intake. Therefore to drink beer to teenagers even in small quantities categorically it is not recommended. So we can say that the influence of beer on a potentiality can be both negative and positive: it all depends on the quality of the drink, the used quantity and culture of the consumer. Everything is in Your hands!

The effect of beer on the potency. Beer can lead to impotence.

The effect of beer on the potency. Beer can lead to impotence.

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