When is alcohol dangerous?

Experts agree: risk Outdoors alcohol consumption there is not. At what amount of alcohol is definitely harmful, is controversial among experts. Consistently in USA is following division into “consumption patterns”, as it is regularly published by the American Centre for Addiction Issues e.V. (in grams of pure alcohol per day):

Risk Low consumption: Women to 12 g / men to 24 g.

Risky consumption: women more than 12 g to 40 g / men over 24 g to 60 g.

Dangerous consumption: Women over 40 g to 80 g / men over 60 g to 120 g.

High consumption: Women over 80 g / men more than 120 g

For orientation: A glass of beer with 0.33 liters corresponding to about 13 g of alcohol. A wine glass with about 0.2 liters corresponding to about 16 g.

Is there a safe dose of alcohol? You decide.

Is there a safe dose of alcohol? You decide.

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