The phases of alcohol addiction

Although the individual forms of the disease are often very different, following the course is considered typical:

First, always drunk more frequently to cope with problems and to make certain situations more bearable. A daily alcohol consumption may result. At a noise, it does not have to come here.

In a next step alcohol is becoming increasingly important, the thoughts revolve almost exclusively around the issue of drinking and therefore to procure alcohol and to conceal their own drinking habits in front of friends, family and colleagues. In addition, a progressive loss of control: Affected engage compulsively to the bottle, no matter what time of day. Other obligations, interests and social contacts are neglected because of drinking. With reduced alcohol consumption occur physical and psychological withdrawal symptoms.

Finally, the alcohol addiction largely dominated the daily routine and the behavior of the person concerned. Mental abilities such criticism and judgment have to often. In many cases, the latest is then a rapid social decline.

Alcohol dependence

Alcohol addiction

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