The harm of drugs

The drug addiction is having a monkey on your back, the morbid impulse, which in first leaded to violation to psychical and physical functions of body.  In modern society there are a little people, who know about the harm of drugs, and none the less people call attention on these narcotic agents. It becomes awful for the health’s person.

The drug taker has:

  1. insomnia and skin pallor;
  2. breathless corpse;
  3. xerosis;
  4. bunged up nose all time;
  5. tremulous hands  with gored and dropsical veins;
  6. oscitation oftentimes;
  7. unusual dilated and narrow pupils, not reacting to light.

There are three types of chemical agents, which cause the addiction:

  • performance-enhancing drugs – pervitin (methamphetamine), caffeine, nicotine, cocaine, amphetamine;
  • psychedelic drugs (hallucinogen) – LSD, hashish;
  • sedative (somnifacient) – ataractic drugs,  opiate substances – morphine, heroin.

The drug is a poison that slowly destroys the brain of man, his psyche (internal organs – at the expense of brain disorders, dysfunctions of the nervous system). The superglue or gasoline turned people into mentally disabled in just 3-4 months, hemp – in 3-4 years. People, who use the Morphine after 2-3 months lose the ability to activities, stop taking care of themselves, losing the human form. People who use cocaine don’t live more than four years. They die of a broken heart, or their nasal septum thins, leading to fatal bleeding. Person who uses LSD loses the ability to orientate in space, he has a feeling that he is able to fly, and believing in his possibility he jumps from the top floor.

All drug addicts do not live long without depending of type of drugs. They lose self-preservation instinct, which leads to the fact that about 60% of drug addicts try to commit suicide in the first two years after the initiation of drug abuse. Many of them do it successfully.

Harmful drugs. Different types of drugs .

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