Tranquilizers – dangerous drugs

Tranquilizers it is accepted to call medicinal substances from group of psikhotrop. But application of these preparations is possible not only in the therapeutic purposes, some use them as drugs tranquilizers. The matter is that if considerably to exceed a medical dose, these drugs make already absolutely other action of tranquilizers: narcotic, intoxicating, stupefying, euphoric. In attempts to reach these effects overdose cases which demand medical intervention, neutralization of tranquilizers in steady-state conditions as they can lead to a lethal outcome are frequent.

Idiosyncrasy of this group of preparations is that dependence on them develops precipitantly, and is characterized by firmness and difficulty of overcoming. And not multiple excess of a therapeutic dosage can lead to a sensitive issue: how to throw a tranquilizer, and incorrect treatment of neurosises will smoothly flow in fight against drug addiction.

The use of drugs of tranquilizers is life-threatening!

The use of drugs of tranquilizers is life-threatening!

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