Alcohol and sex

What sexual disorders arise from alcohol?

In the initial stages of alcoholism alcohol increases libido, improves erection, delays the onset of ejaculation. This creates additional incentives for the consumption of alcohol. The sexuality of their wives, the men whom suffer from alcoholism, in the first months of marriage is awakened twice as often than under normal conditions. This fact raises the need for husbands to maintain appropriate pace and level of sexual relationship, which soon becomes unbearable. Woman having artificially high level of sexual harassment, begins to accuse the husband in insolvency proceedings, thereby causing him a strong traumatic impact that further encourages a man to use alcohol as a stimulant of sexual activity. The consequence of this tactic is the regular abuse by male alcohol with the excuse of his drunkenness bad character of the woman and the level of its claims. A temporary increase libido and enhance potency at the initial stage of alcoholism is replaced by inhibition of sexual functions. Drinkers complain about the lack of erection, rapid ejaculation, rare desire to enter into a sexual relationship. Persistent violations of sexual functions recorded in 30-50% of patients with alcoholism stage 1-2. Later they are joined by the decline of sexual feeling and sensations during sexual intercourse. Also the stiffness and the appearance of modified forms of sperm. In some patients, who develop alcoholism at a later age, sexual function suffers slightly. However, the identity of such patients is changing (flattened) with a predominance of primitive units, poverty interests focus on gender issues.

In the development of sexual disorders in alcoholism great importance is the presence of psychological conflict. Conflict is a clash of conflicting, incompatible tendencies in the minds of people. Conflict can be intrapersonal, if we are talking about an individual person, and interpersonal, if it affects the relationship of two people or more. Intrapersonal conflict occurs as a result of collision opposite direction of the needs, interests, inclinations. Interpersonal conflicts often arise from incompatibility of goals and views about life values. Alcoholism generates both types of conflict. Only people primitive or overly selfish intrapersonal conflict may not occur at the initial stage of alcoholism. Usually the systematic use of alcohol creates a clash between the intentions in the attainment of previously planned objectives, in particular creating a happy and strong family, and a desire to experience pleasure through the intake of alcohol. This kind of intrapersonal conflict to a certain time increases, which contributes to the development of mental dependence on alcohol. This is accompanied by an experience of inner division, tensions, negative emotions, inconsistency in actions and behavior. Intrapersonal conflict occurs not only from drinking spouse. In parallel, he develops in the second member of the family who begins to realize the contradictions of the current situation and the uncertainty of the future prospects of their life together. Such a conflict often reaches such a degree of severity that leads to painful neurotic breakdown.

The wives of alcoholics there is a feeling of inner restlessness, emotional instability, irritability, sleep disturbance, headaches, feeling of General discomfort. Violations manifest themselves sharply in periods of hard drinking husband and decrease after, although there was anxiety and a feeling of inner tension. As the progression of alcoholism of husband painful symptoms are more prolonged and persistent, often resulting in the picture of severe neurosis.

Alcohol and sex, effect of alcohol on potency.

Alcohol and sex, effect of alcohol on potency.

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