Is there a safe amount of alcohol during pregnancy?

In a situation where the expectant mother is not an alcoholic and is not going to drink alcohol regularly, the question arises whether there is a safe dose that will not lead to complications and defects in the child’s development? Many people wonder whether you can drink alcohol during pregnancy from time to time, in the seemingly small quantities.

The medical community around the world has come to a definitive conclusion that the use of alcohol during pregnancy should be excluded completely. In addition, the future parents to stop taking alcoholic drinks at least three months before conception.

Remember that for a pregnant woman, there is no safe dose of alcohol. No one can know for sure how many grams of alcohol would be fatal to a child.

It should be remembered also that for the mother there is no difference between the spirits. Previously it was believed that a glass of beer or wine are acceptable during pregnancy. Recent scientific studies prove the opposite: any alcoholic beverage a detrimental effect on your baby.

After all, even on a holiday if you do not want to attract attention and to tell everyone about your pregnancy, you can raise a glass, sip it, but not to drink. The most curious answer is that you are driving or taking medications that are not compatible with alcohol.

There is not a situation that would force us to drink. The answer to the question of whether to drink alcohol during pregnancy, – categorically “no”.

Pregnant woman rejects of taking glass of alcohol.

Pregnant woman rejects of taking glass of alcohol.

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