How does alcohol?

Most of the drunk alcohol is absorbed through the mucous membranes of the gastrointestinal tract into the body or the bloodstream. How quickly this happens depends, among other things, on what was eaten. With an empty stomach, recording is done very quickly, whereas fat diet delays the process. The highest blood alcohol levels obtained on average about 45 to 90 minutes after consumption of an alcoholic beverage.

With the same amount of alcohol, the blood alcohol concentration is higher among women than among men. The reason: men are heavier and larger and therefore usually have a greater amount of body fluid, in which the supplied alcohol can be distributed. is Mined alcohol mostly in the liver.

How alcohol affects, depends on the amount consumed and the individual’s physical and mental condition. When consumed regularly, it also comes at a certain habituation effect, which is also called tolerance. By familiarizing the body less sensitive to alcohol. But the per thousand value therefore does not say absolutely anything about how far the individual is affected by the noise already in his physical and mental abilities.

But always, regardless of whether someone “much tolerate” or is drunk faster, depends of alcohol in his body harm. Because alcohol is a cell poison. This means that from a certain amount of alcohol damage the cells and organs of the body such as the liver or the nervous system. This cytotoxic effect unfolds basically and exclusively a function of the amount of pure alcohol – whether you these supplies in the form of liquor, beer or wine.

  • The immediate physical reactions to alcohol consumption include: coordination and movement disorders (eg wavering), slurred speech, dilation of blood vessels (red face), increased sweating, increased formation of urine.
  • The immediate psychological reactions to alcohol consumption include disinhibition, talkativeness, elation, in severe poisoning even aggressive, external or own-endangering behavior, rare anxiety or depressive mood, concentration and memory disturbances, disorientation, impaired consciousness.
How does alcohol affect you? The effects of alcohol on the body.

How does alcohol affect you? The effects of alcohol on the body.


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