Alcohol during menstruation

It is no secret that alcohol has a very negative effect on the body, especially for women. In particular, it suffers from the reproductive system, the ability to nurturing children sharply reduced, compromised and the birth of healthy children in the future. But these facts are well known. And if you do not talk about a general depressing effect, consider more than fraught with the use of alcohol during menstruation.

Firstly, the alcohol can cause increased pain: pain in the lower abdomen may become more pronounced. Secondly, alcohol contributes to fluid retention in the body, which also has a negative impact. Third, during menstruation mood of women and their psycho-emotional state is extremely stable and not drinking alcohol may exacerbate the problem.
If the use of alcohol-containing beverages can not be avoided (birthday and other holidays), you can allow yourself a couple of glasses of red dry wine. But from a more hard liquor is to refuse flatly.

Among other things, the use of alcohol in general and during menses in particular may lead to disruption of the cycle, which is why no regular menses and become painful.
Alcohol harm is obvious. Better during menstruation eat more natural juices, fruit drinks and fruit compotes that are a real storehouse of vitamins.

Alcohol and menstrual bleeding. Does alcohol affect menstruation?

Alcohol and menstrual bleeding. Does alcohol affect menstruation?

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