Alcohol dependence (alcoholism)

Alcohol dependence (synonyms: chronic alcoholism, chronic alcohol intoxication, alcohol dependence syndrome, alcoholic disease, alcohol substance abuse, utilism).
Alcohol dependence refers to diseases, which are characterized by an increase in symptoms (refers to a progressive disease) characterized by pathological attraction to alcohol, the development of withdrawal (hangover) syndrome upon cessation of alcohol intake, and further the development of persistent disorders of the nervous, mental systems and the deterioration of the General somatic status. With further use of alcohol is mental degradation of an alcoholic.

Withdrawal syndrome (abstinentia — abstinence) syndrome physical and/or mental disorders developing in patients with alcohol dependence after discontinuation of alcohol or dose reduction. Withdrawal syndrome is an integral part of the syndrome of physical dependence.

Alcohol addiction is always formed by systematically drinkers. Alcohol dependence refers to the number of socially significant diseases, as alcohol almost always affects the society, the family of the alcoholic, friends, family and the alcoholic. An alcoholic is constantly in contact with other people (at work, in family, in the street etc) and this affects the people around him.

Alcohol dependence (alcoholism). Alcohol addiction. A man with a drinking problem.

Alcohol dependence (alcoholism). Alcohol addiction. A man with a drinking problem.


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