Herpes Transmission

How is Genital herpes transmitted?

Herpes is a highly contagious virus which can be transmitted from person to person by direct skin to skin contact. The most transmittable type is the genital herpes, which is sexually transmitted which means if a herpes sufferer has anal sex, oral sex or virginal sex with a non herpes sufferer, it can be transmitted to the other person.

It doesn’t matter how long the sufferer has had herpes, if symptoms are visible or if the virus is in the latency or shedding phase, an un-infected person can get herpes. A person with genital herpes should avoid sexual activities or use a condom at all times until the virus is completely gone. Many people believe that you can catch the virus from a toilet seats, but that rumor is not true as the virus cannot survive on its own.

Pregnant women with genital herpes can transmit the virus to her baby when having natural birth therefore it’s crucially important to check with your doctor first to determine the chances of transmission.

How is Oral herpes transmitted?

Oral herpes- such as cold sores can also be transmitted by direct skin to skin contact. For example a person with a cold sore or blisters can transmit the virus by kissing a person without herpes.

Babies are more vulnerable to this transmission as people just want to kiss and hug them all the time. Another form of transmission, is if a herpes sufferer touches the infected area and then touches another person.

People with oral herpes should avoid touching their infected area as you do not always wash your hands with soap. When you have Oral herpes you should avoid performing oral sex as you will transmit the virus to the other party.

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