Herpes Dating – General Consensus Amongst People About Dating Someone With Herpes

Many people with herpes are rejected in the dating world. Rejection is common place in their lives. Most individuals are not interested in dating a person who has herpes. Numerous people are highly misinformed about herpes, allowing various social taboos to circulate and those with the virus to be demoralized. You will find few people that are comfortable with the condition. Dating is difficult when one has herpes whether it is herpes simplex virus-1 (oral herpes) or herpes simplex virus-2 (genital herpes).

Those with herpes should always be forthcoming and honest with anyone that might be a prospective date. Although, some may find this embarrassing and difficult, potential partners have a right to know. This allows them to be prepared and to safeguard themselves against contracting the disease in the future. Being honest about having this sexually transmitted disease will help to build a strong relationship and reduce the risk of transmitting the virus to others.

In the following are some tips to protecting others from contracting genital herpes. Prevention is the best practice that a person with the virus can use.

  • Those with genital herpes should never have sex when they are experiencing an outbreak. They should never have sex during a prodromal period (early warning signs), as well. All sores and blisters should be completely healed before resuming any sexual activity.
  • Latex condoms should be worn during sexual contact.
  • Anti-viral medications should be taken exactly as directed in order to control outbreaks and minimize the frequency of outbreaks. Medication should never be missed.

Properly Communicating

When a person has genital herpes, they should be able to communicate properly with their partner about their health condition. This will help to get everything out in the open allowing for a much closer relationship.

Here, are some ideas for improving communication about HSV:

  • Always be knowledgeable about the disease. Persons with genital herpes should be positive and let it show in the conversation. Let the person know about precautions, how common herpes has become as well as the number of effective treatments.
  • Discuss the virus at the right time. A person should know their partner well enough to be comfortable discussing the issue with them. Choose an appropriate time and location for the conversation to take place.
  • This discussion should take place long before there is any kind of intimacy between these two people.
  • Having this talk should also be done in a place that both partners feel at ease. You would not want to have this conversation in front of other friends or at a public venue such as a crowded restaurant.
  • Many people will need some time to think about the information they have just heard. They may want to do a little research on the condition, as well. Others may seek the advice of their own personal medical professional. In many cases, the partner could be infected with an STD themselves.

So peoples ideas about dating someone with herpes is filled with social taboos and misinformed information. This causes people to be fearful and reject those with herpes. The general consensus is that, if those who have genital herpes are honest and up front about their condition, many of these taboos and myths can be dispelled and people who have herpes can date just like any other.

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