Overcoming the Stigma Surrounding Herpes

Herpes can be a devastating diagnosis. Once diagnosed, many individuals are left feeling like a leper. They may become anti-social and ashamed. Others feel dirty and embarrassed. Some may experience deep depression and anxiety.

Is Herpes Making You Feel Like a Leper?

Here’s a Look at the Stigma Surrounding Herpes and How It Can be Overcome:

Many members of our society are infected with herpes. It is one of the most common sexually transmitted diseases today. A growing number of young people have begun to test positive for one type of herpes or another. Knowledge is power but even today many people are misinformed about herpes; and, therefore, have negative attitudes towards those who are infected.

People with herpes may be looked at as being promiscuous, although this is not the case for most. Many have simply made bad choices in their sexual lives such as having unprotected sex. Latex condoms are the number one defense against acquiring herpes.

Many individuals are also afraid of having a romantic relationship with a person who has genital herpes. Nobody wants to be infected with this virus or be labeled under the same stigma.

Once a person has been diagnosed with herpes, they should know all the facts about their condition and go for proper treatment. If they are or want to be in a relationship, they must be open and honest with their partner and tell them about their diagnosis. The facts they have learnt will help the infected person to be confident in the information they are relaying to their partner.

There are all sorts of help for people with herpes and can seek counseling for their negative feelings and depression. There are also herpes support groups in many areas. During these meetings, individuals infected with herpes can voice their fears and issues. Often, advice is best given by those suffering the same disease, as they can guide each other based on their own experiences. There are also dating sites on the internet that allow people with herpes to chat and get to know others with the same virus. This is often a good idea in the dating world for herpes sufferers.

Staying Healthy

There is no cure for herpes; however, treatment is remarkably successful. Once medically diagnosed, a physician can begin prescribing treatment, which is used to suppress the virus and reduce the severity and frequency of outbreaks. Some people have outbreaks a couple of times a month while others only suffer outbreaks two to three times a year. Outbreaks lessen with time and the person can lead an extremely normal life when correctly treating the herpes simplex virus under their physician’s direction.

Remaining healthy with herpes is extremely important. Being healthy includes physically, emotionally and mentally. A person with herpes must have factual information and first accept the condition themselves before they can expect others such as family and friends to accept it.

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