A major problem in the United States, OxyContin addiction has already claimed thousands of lives and helped derail the relationships, health, finances and careers of many more.   According to the National Drug Intelligence Center, OxyContin is a highly addictive drug that brings about feelings of euphoria in the user.   Without the professional OxyContin abuse help found at drug treatment centers, the individual’s life will literally be overrun by the drug to such a point that obtaining and using it is all that matters to that person.

What Makes OxyContin Abuse So Dangerous?

OxyContin is a time-release medication that is designed to release its opiate ingredients into the system over a period of 24 hours.   The idea behind the creation of OxyContin was to help individuals cope with high levels of pain so they wouldn’t have to continually take Vicodin or other painkillers throughout the day and evening.   The problem with OxyContin arises when people abuse the drug – taking it in ways other than the original makers intended.

For example, OxyContin addicts may crush the drug up into powder form – then either mix it with a liquid and shoot it into the body with a needle, or snort the substance.   Both of these methods are highly dangerous because the individual is receiving all of the active ingredients at once.   The intense high that ensues is obviously part of the attraction to OxyContin, but it is also the reason why there were so many overdose cases in the years following the drug’s approval by the Food and Drug Administration.

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What Is OxyContin Rehab?

An OxyContin rehab program helps individuals stop using drugs – and then gives them the tools that are essential to maintaining this sobriety for the rest of their lives.   In order to do this, the individual must take part in three different processes – each one a part of most drug addiction treatment programs in the United States:  drug detox, drug counseling and aftercare.

  • •Drug detox.    The individual overcomes the physical addiction to OxyContin through detoxification, and since OxyContin is an opiate, detox is an essential part of the recovery process.   As with other opiates, medications are often administered during the detox process to manage the severity of the withdrawal symptoms experienced by addicts. Some addicts may wish to undergo wholly natural detox but it is a decision best reached in conjunction with the professionals of the treatment program.
  • •Drug counseling.   Even stronger than the physical hold that OxyContin has on the individual is the psychological hold of the drug.   To address this component of OxyContin addiction, counseling must take place.   There are various forms of therapy that are employed during this stage of treatment. Cognitive-behavioral therapy is a popular therapy model that involves changing the way the addict thinks and reacts in regard to drugs. It has been shown to be very effective in treating all types of addictions. In addition, counseling may include:
    • Individual counseling.   These are private, one-on-one sessions between the therapist and the patient.   Here, individuals are given a chance to talk about the reasons behind their addiction. Oftentimes, past issues are effectively addressed in this form of therapy.
    • Group counseling.   Group therapy gives addicts a chance to relate to others who are in similar situations. Addicts can feel free to share their own struggles with OxyContin abuse and benefit from hearing the stories of others. Oftentimes, people make gains in group therapy that they were unable to achieve with individual therapy alone.
    • Family counseling.    The need to obtain large amounts of OxyContin often leads addicts to steal, lie or engage in other unethical behavior.   Families feel the brunt of this most directly and it’s hard not to be personally hurt by the addict’s actions.  Loved ones can come to family counseling sessions and heal broken trust and damaged relationships caused by OxyContin addiction. Forgiveness isn’t forced but is usually eventually reached in family therapy.

How the Internet Affects OxyContin Addiction

One of the reasons so many individuals are able to obtain the drug illegally is because of the hundreds of illicit “pharmacies” currently doing business on the Internet.  These offshore companies will sell the drug to anyone with a credit card and a mailing address.  No prescription is necessary and the medication that arrives is often fake or expired.

If someone you know has used the Internet to obtain OxyContin, it is important to get them the help they need immediately. Call us now at our toll-free number for more information.