Crystal Meth

Quite simply one of the most destructive drugs of the 21st century, crystal meth – also known as methamphetamine – has cut a deadly path throughout the United States, leaving countless men and women in its wake.   This highly addictive stimulant carries with it as many associated health problems as heroin – and is cheaper to make and easier to maintain.

The following information is a guide to crystal meth addiction and the treatment options that can help individuals break the cycle of dependence on this truly terrible drug.

What Makes Crystal Meth Abuse So Dangerous?

In addition to being highly addictive, crystal meth is also the source of a number of different health problems – both mental and physical – that are unique to this drug.  According to the National Drug Intelligence Center, crystal meth can result in a bevy of health issues, including high blood pressure, increased heart rate and brain damage. Crystal meth addicts are also prone to violence, anxiety and fear. Additional dangers of crystal meth abuse include:

  • Transmission of HIV and hepatitis. Individuals who inject crystal meth into their bodies often share used needles, putting them at risk for infectious diseases such as HIV and hepatitis.
  • •“Meth mouth.”  This is a degenerative disease of the teeth and gums that causes long-term facial disfigurement. According to Frontline, meth mouth can lead to serious health issues that affect the entire body.
  • •Paranoia.   Individuals who engage in long-term crystal meth abuse tend to become paranoid – feeling as if everyone is out to get them.
  • •Tolerance.   Over time, an individual who is addicted to crystal meth will need more and more of the drug in order to achieve the desired “high.”  This puts the individual at risk for a number of health problems, the most serious of which is overdose.

Who Needs Crystal Meth Rehab?

Any individual who is using crystal meth and unable to stop, despite an understanding of the damage the drug is causing them, needs to find a drug rehab center immediately.   These individuals are classified as having a crystal meth abuse problem, and they need professional help before their problem transforms into full-fledged addiction.   Those individuals who are suffering from a crystal meth addiction are in even greater need of assistance.

If you are uncertain if a loved one is suffering from crystal meth addiction, there are certain signs and symptoms of dependence that will make addiction quite clear in some instances. According to Medline Plus, these symptoms include:

  • •Psychotic behavior
  • •Hallucinations
  • •Delusions of grandeur
  • •Decaying teeth
  • •Extreme weight loss
  • •Memory loss
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Different Types of Addiction Treatment

There are a number of different treatment options available to those individuals who have made the brave decision to overcome their addiction to crystal meth.   Choosing the most appropriate program depends upon a number of factors, including lifestyle, the depth of the addiction and history of relapse.   Consider the following treatment options:

  • •Residential rehab for crystal meth addiction. With a residential drug rehab program, the individual moves into the facility and receives non-stop care from the expert staff.   Each day is scheduled in detail, and includes counseling and programs to enhance wellness. Most residential rehab programs will require detox at the start of the program to clear all the crystal meth out of the addict’s system.
  • •Outpatient rehab for crystal meth addiction.   These programs have the individual attending treatment during the day, but then returning home in the evening to be with family and friends.   Outpatient care is designed for those who can handle being in their home environment during treatment – without relapsing during the unsupervised time.
  • •Holistic rehab. These programs incorporate a more natural approach to wellness, incorporating yoga, meditation, massage and other Eastern practices into their general treatment plan.
  • •Teen crystal meth rehab. The largest percentage of crystal meth addicts are young people, making these specialized treatment centers that much more important.   Teen rehab focuses on issues such as peer pressure, academic pressure, self-image problems and other concerns that tend to impact addicted teens the most. In teen rehab, teens are surrounded by their peers so they are more likely to benefit from group therapy sessions there.

How Long Does Crystal Meth Rehab Take to Complete?

Whether or not an individual chooses residential or outpatient crystal meth rehab, they can expect to be engaged in a program that takes one to three months on average to complete.   Crystal meth addiction, however, can be a deep-rooted and insidious disease; therefore, long-term care may be required.   Long-term drug rehab programs take a year or longer and are designed to help those who have a long history of relapse or have become a danger to themselves and others as a result of their crystal meth addiction.

If you’d like more information on crystal meth addiction treatment that works, contact us today. We are here to answer your questions.