Thomas Recipe for Opiate Withdrawal

thomas recipe for opiate withdrawal step by stepThe Thomas recipe for Opiate Withdrawal is a combination of medications and supplements that claims to reduce the pain associated with withdrawing from opiates. It was originally published in May of 2006 and has been viewed over 1 million times. The original poster, “liv2ride” claims that this is his standard protocol for getting through heroin withdrawal, and that he has used it many times before. But does it work? Today we will be examining the thomas recipe for opiate withdrawal and answering all the questions you might have.

Thomas Recipe Ingredients

Here are a list of ingredients listed in the thomas recipe:

Valium (or any other benzo, such as XanaxAtivan, Klonopin, etc) – This is used to calm the body and relax you during the detox. The original poster says that of all the benzodiazepines, Valium, Klonopin, and Librium are the best options. We agree, since these three have the longest half-life and makes it much easier to taper.

Imodium – In the thomas recipe, this is used for diarrhea. Since 2006, there have been a lot of people showing that imodium aka loperamide can be a one stop shop for opiate withdrawal. Consider reading our guide on imodium for opiate withdrawal here and modifying the dose to suit your needs.

Wide spectrum mineral supplement – This probably won’t help too much, but whatever. It’s better than nothing. Consider trying CalmSupport instead.

L-Tyrosine – For energy and motivation. Can be a good addition to your morning routine but don’t expect any miracles.

Vitamin B6 – Not a bad addition, but again nothing crazy here. Most vitamin B6 you find in supplements has a hard time being absorbed by the body. You’re better off eating some fruit ?

Thomas Recipe Step by Step

Thomas Recipe for Opiate WithdrawalFirst off, take a week off of work if possible. The thomas recipe begins by having you take the vitamin and mineral supplements right away. The author of the post claims that nutrient deficiency can cause Restless Legs Syndrome, which is true to some extent.

Next, take enough Valium to produce sleep. This could be 10mg, or it could be 30mg, depending on the severity of your symptoms. According to the author, you want to try to power through the first 4 days with nothing but Valium, vitamins, and imodium (to stop diarrhea).

The thomas recipe also encourages taking lots of hot baths and Jacuzzi soaks during these first four days. This is a great idea as it can really help your aching muscles in addition to cold chills and overall sense of discomfort.

After four days, stop taking the Valium and start taking the L-Tyrosine when you wake up. Take it with vitamin B6 to help with absorption! This will give you a small energy boost that you need to get through the day.

Once you start feeling better, it’s time to start exercising and building your body back physically.

Suboxone Withdrawal

One of the biggest questions people ask me about this remedy, is whether or not it will work for their suboxone, tramadol, or vicodin addiction. Yes, it should work exactly the same. The Thomas Recipe was created by a heroin addict, but really heroin is similar to prescription pain killers such as tramadol and vicodin, so it will work exactly the same. Same goes for using the thomas recipe for suboxone withdrawal or methadone withdrawal too.

The Thomas Recipe Journal

Here’s a breakdown of what a journal log should look like if you are starting the Thomas Recipe for opiate withdrawal:

Day one: Vitamin, mineral supplements, valium in the AM. Take imodium as needed throughout the day for diarrhea.  Hot soaks in a bath or Jacuzzi for muscle pain. Valium twice more during the day or enough to keep the effects strong. Valium and mineral supplements at night.

Day two: Same as above. You can also take tylenol or advil to help with body aches.

Day three: Same as above.

Day four: Same as above.

Day five: Vitamin, mineral supplements in the AM along with L-Tyrosine and Vitamin B6. Imodium sparingly for diarrhea.

Day six: Same as above.

Say seven: Continue with vitamins and minerals, discontinue the rest. Start regimen of exercise for the remaining during of the thomas recipe for opiate withdrawal.

Problems with the Thomas Recipe for Opiate Withdrawal

The thomas recipe has a lot of issues with it, mainly the fat that it requires the user to be thrown into withdrawal without any sort of taper or replacement schedule. This not only makes the withdrawal process very uncomfortable but it makes it hard to stay on the right track.

Another issue with the thomas recipe is that it includes some fringe-science ingredients that don’t have any studies to back it’s use with treating opiate withdrawal. The tyrosine and minerals might as well be thrown out the window if you use them like outlined by the original creator of the thomas recipe.

Finally, there’s always the problem most people have: getting a prescription for Valium. Going to the doctor and saying “I’m trying to quit opiates, can you give me another highly addictive medication to help?” is practically suicide. They will never do it. Chances are, you’ll be referred to a rehab (which isn’t always a bad thing, but that’s not why you came to read this article).

A better alternative: The 2-Phase Withdrawal Killer

It’s been 10 years since the thomas recipe for opiate withdrawal first surfaced on the internet, and now there are better ways. This method involves two phases: a replacement/taper, and a comfort phase. The benefits to doing it this way are numerous, but the main ones include:

  • Less time withdrawing
  • Smooth transition into sobriety
  • No prescription drugs needed
  • Far more effective
  • Virtually pain free


Phase 1

You will need imodium, and lots of it. You will be immediately stopping your opiate of choice, and switching to imodium, which believe it or not, is also a mild opiate. It also has a ridiculously long half-life, which makes it the perfect taper drug.

Phase 2

Thomas RecipeYou will transfer off of imodium, and onto an all-in-one opiate withdrawal supplement. I recommend CalmSupport, but there are a few other options.

Day One: 24mg of loperamide (imodium) in the morning, 24mg at night

Day two: 20mg in the morning, 20mg at night

Day three: 16mg in the morning, 16mg at night

Day four: 12mg in the morning, 12mg at night

Day five: 8mg in the morning, 8mg at night. Start taking the CalmSupport at this point to let it build up in your system.

Day six: 4mg in the morning, 4mg at night. Continue CalmSupport.

Day seven: 2mg three times a day. Continue CalmSupport.

Day eight: Continue using calmsupport each day until you feel better.

This rapid detox for opiates works a lot better than the thomas recipe, and I guarantee you will have more success doing your withdrawal schedule this way. It’s tried and true in 2016 and works 100% of the time. People who use this method very rarely experience any sort of opiate withdrawal symptoms, and they can actually get some sleep at night.

You’ll notice with this system, you don’t need to have a ton of different supplements, minerals, etc. Calmsupport has all of those combined in each dose. The imodium will attach to your opiate receptors and slowly wean you off, so you don’t feel dope sick.

Final words

I sincerely hope this article provides you with some much needed help during your journey. The Thomas Recipe for opiate withdrawal works if you can stomach the pain, but in my opinion it is too complicated and not effective enough as it could be. Whatever method you use for your withdrawal symptoms, it’s important to keep your head up and try to power through it. You can do this!

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