How to Cure Body Aches from Opiate Withdrawals

How to Cure Body Aches from Opiate WithdrawalsThe opiate withdrawal process can cause a lot of discomfort on the body, both physically and mentally. Aside from the anxiety, depression, and restless legs syndrome, some of the worst physical effects are the body aches and pains. Body aches from opiate withdrawals can prevent you from wanting to get out of bed, and can keep you up at night if not cared for.

back pain from opiate withdrawalMany people report that they get terrible back pain from opiate withdrawal, while others report the pain more centralized in their joints and knees. The truth is that pain caused by opiate withdrawal can be located anywhere in the body, and learning how to eliminate that pain will make your transition into recovery go much smoother. So with all that being said, lets dive into some ways to end body aches caused by opiate withdrawal:


This is an absolute must in your arsenal. Ibuprofen is an NSAID and is great for the dull muscle pains you will be feeling. Take it as soon as you wake up with water, and every few hours to keep the pain relieving strength strong. Advil typically comes in 200mg tablets, and you can safely take up to 800mg at once (4 tablets). Careful not to take to much or for too long, as ibuprofen can tear up your stomach.


 This is another must have. 500mg a few times a day will lower your body temperature, ease night sweats, and get rid of headaches. You can safely take tylenol alongside advil with no problems, but obviously make sure you’re not taking too much of either. Tylenol can put a strain on your liver.

Warm baths

I love a good warm bath! During opiate withdrawals, this is a godsend. The hot water can soothe your aching muscles and provide much needed relief for neck cramps and aches. For an added boost, throw in some peppermint oil to clear your sinuses while you soak.


Nothing beats a nice massage when your muscles are stiff from opiate withdrawal . You can pick up a good massaging unit from most malls, and if you don’t have the money to buy one upfront, you can always go sit in a massage chair and let it do it’s job. Focus on the spine and back muscles, as most people have the majority of their pain there.


This is the best of the best! CalmSupport is an over the counter supplement designed to reduce and eliminate the symptoms of opiate withdrawal. It’s made of a full spectrum of herbs, vitamins, and minerals, and has been used by thousands to help wean off of opiates for good. The formula not only helps reduce the body aches and pains from opiate withdrawal, it also helps anxiety, restless legs, etc. You can pick up a bottle here.

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