3 easy projects for even the least handy homeowners – Homestructions

If you own your own home, you probably dread the inevitable repair bills that are destined to accrue over time. Thankfully, the cost of many repair and remodeling projects can be minimized simply by doing the jobs yourself. Save the leftover cash to put toward paying down your mortgage or that long-desired family vacation.

Here are three repair and remodeling projects that even the least handy of homeowners can perform without the assistance of a professional.

Painting the walls

Homeowners should consider painting their own walls to save both money and time. When a professional is hired to paint a room, homeowners generally have to spend several hours getting the rooms ready for the renovation anyway. If you’re going to spend time on a painting project, you may as well save money doing it. If you have a couple of extra hours to spare, consider saving hundreds of dollars by painting your own rooms.

Cleaning the carpets

If you can handle vacuuming, you can handle steam cleaning carpets. While homeowners used to have to hire professionals to steam clean their carpets, steam-cleaning tools are now affordable for everyday consumers. These tools are easy to use and require little technical knowledge. Consider renting steam-cleaning equipment, which costs about $35 per day (plus cleaning solution), compared to an average of $46 per room for a professional cleaning service. Or, if you see yourself steam cleaning your carpets often, you can buy the equipment and allow it to pay for itself in just a few uses.

Changing your heater’s air filters

Most homeowners are aware that they need to regularly change their heater’s air filter, but rarely do they actually do it. Harmful microorganisms can spread through your home if this important task is neglected. Dirty air filters can also reduce your home’s energy efficiency, which hurts both the environment and your wallet. It’s a simple task that every homeowner can do to increase the efficiency and health of their home.

Sometimes your heater may require more involved maintenance. When this happens, a home warranty from American Home Shield can help make any necessary repairs or replacements less stressful. As an additional benefit, American Home Shield customers can take advantage of the discount filter program and purchase air filters for up to 50% off.